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Hey guys, it’s me GamingRaja and welcome all of you to GamingRaja blog. Guys, we all know that most of the gamers like us like to play games in mobile only. And anyway nowadays very high quality games are being made for mobile devices as well. So today we are going to talk about such high quality games which are going to be released for mobile devices. Tell me by commenting below, which of these games did you like the most and which game are you waiting for the most.

Upcoming Mobile Games

The Division Mobile

Ubisoft is bringing its PC and Consoles games to mobile and one of them is The Division Mobile. The Division Mobile is a third-person action RPG shooter game series. According to this game, a virus has spread in the country, taking advantage of which some wrong people want to take over the country and we will play the role of agent in this game who help the government. That’s why we have to complete different objectives and fight with a lot of enemies.

In this game we get to see different regions. In some regions we have to compete with other players and we also get to see a lot of leader boards which show who has scored more. A Netflix movie has also been made on this game, so you can imagine how amazing this game is

RF Project

RF Project is an upcoming action RPG shooter game. A teaser of this game has also been released in which we get to see futuristic suits, gear ships and futuristic weapons. In this game like Transformers, we can also create a well armed robot army of our own. In RF Project game, we have to fight giant monsters with the help of super weapons, which is very interesting. According to the teaser, this game looks very interesting and amazing. If you also like this game, then its pre-registration has started, you can do pre-registration.

Project Arrival

Project Arrival is an upcoming objective based shooting game. Some of its beta gameplay is also available, which looks like this game is going to be futuristic. And, you will have to complete the objectives like distorting machine in Project Arrival game by visiting some location. Also, you will have to fight with some dangerous alien creatures in the game. So the game is going to be very interesting. In the game, we will also face many problems, which we will have to fight to stay safe. The graphics and cinematic cut scenes of the Project Arrival game look great. The pre-registration of Project Arrival has also started.

Valorant Mobile

Valorant is a free to play first person shooting game which is very famous game on PC. Riot Games, the developer of this game, had confirmed long ago that this game will be coming soon on mobile devices. Since then the hype of this game has increased a lot. Personally I am also very excited to play this game on mobile devices. According to some of the gameplay and images, the interface and gameplay of Valorant Mobile will be very similar to Valorant PC. Yes there will be some changes such as controls will be different and some new characters will also be added.

Just Cause Mobile

Just Cause is a very popular action adventure game series that is making a boom on PC. In Just Cause game we get open world environment. And in the game we can do both shooting and driving. In this game we get freedom to drive cars, bikes and helicopters etc. The unique features of the game is that, with the help of grapping hook we can grab anything and with the help of paragliding we can fly. Square Enix confirmed long ago that Just Cause would be coming to mobile. Both the trailer and gameplay of just Cause Mobile have been released, now just waiting for the release of the game.

Battlefield Mobile

Battlefield Mobile is going to be similar to the flagship PC and consoles version of the Battlefield series. The battlefield mobile game is specially being made keeping in mind the mobile users. In this game, we will get to see a lot of maps, great graphics, great vehicles and great weapons, as well as this game is going to give us a very good first person shooting experience. And of course one special thing is that the Battlefield Mobile game is going to be completely online so that we can play this game well with our friends. No official release date of this game has been announced yet but we will soon get to see this game on our mobile devices.

Call of Duty Warzones Mobile

Activision has boom the market with its first person shooting games and yes Activision gives us great games every time. Like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Call of Duty: Vanguard, Call of Duty: Black Ops, Call of Duty: Mobile and now Activision is also going to launch Call of Duty: Warzone on mobile. Activision is hiring a lot of developers for Call of Duty Warzone Mobile. So it seems that we will soon get to see Call of Duty Warzone on mobile. But for now COD Warzone Mobile is in the works.

From some of the recent gameplay it has been revealed that we will see a self-revive kit in the game and this simply means that the gameplay of COD Warzone Mobile will be similar to that of PC. But the system requirement of COD Warzone Mobile is very high, so you can write in the comment whether you are excited to play this game or not.

GTA Trilogy Remaster Mobile

When GTA Trilogy Remaster was released on PC and consoles, Rockstar confirmed that the game would be coming to mobile very soon. But since then there has been no statement from Rockstar regarding GTA Trilogy Mobile. But yes, recently Take 2 Interactive has hired Zynga which is a popular game development company. Zynga has developed amazing mobile games like Star Wars Hunter and Farm Ville 3. So it could be that Zynga will make GTA Trilogy Remaster for mobile. But before that all the old GTA Trilogy games will be removed from the mobile and then GTA Trilogy Remaster mobile will be launched.

So friends, these were some 8 upcoming mobile games that we are all excited to play in mobile. I hope you liked this article and if you liked this article and our gaming blog, then do not forget to read the rest of our articles. Thank you.

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