New 8 Details We Learned From Xenoblade Chronicles 3 – Review

We’ve been playing a ton of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 lately, and there’s a lot of new details we learned about the game. Of course, being the preview phase, there’s only so much we’re allowed to talk about, so we’re going to keep this light on story spoilers. With that out of the way, here’s over eight new things we learned about Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

We Can Select Difficulty Level

When you boot up the game for the first time, you can select the difficulty level for your gameplay experience. While you can set it at the very start of the game. You can also open the Options menu at any point in the game and change. It. Easy lets the player focus more on enjoying the story, while hard give experienced players a tougher time in battles.

And of course, normal is to balance the middle ground between the two. So if you find yourself looking for a challenge right away, don’t be afraid to dial it back if it proves too difficult, or on the flip side, if the game feels too easy, try updating the difficulty.

Story about Noah

The next couple of points may be considered spoilers. All right, well, as the game opens, you take control of Noah, accompanied by his friends Lance and Uni. Yeah, those Enabling Chronicles 3 is about a war between two nations, with the full party made up of people from both. You actually start the game in Keves.

More specifically, the trio start in Colony Nine. And no, it’s not the same Colony Nine that Schultz grew up in from the first Enabling Chronicles. If anything, I think the choice in using Colony Nine is more so. A fun nod to the original game, as there’s no significant tie in there. But starting off in Keves means it takes some time before meeting Archie or from Agnes.


As a reminder, this next point may also be considered spoilers. If you’re still here, then you must be curious about Ouroboros, these fusion entities that were first shown off in a trailer back in April. These monstrous fusions between our Keves and Agnes party members play a huge role in the story, but that’s not really a spoiler. We knew that from our first look at them back in the trailer. Well, I’m here to tell you that the Ouroboros fusions first happened in Chapter one, meaning it won’t take very long for the story to pick up and for your party to come together.

This also means that in the grand scheme of things, with all of the marketing the game has gotten in the last few months, they’ve been relatively light on story spoilers. Ouroboros is the catalyst for the entire adventure, after all, so it kind of has to happen early on.


Sometimes when wandering around the world, you may find a skirmish to focus in on. We saw a bit of this in the Xenobiotic of 3 Directs a few weeks ago, but now we know more about it. When coming up on these skirmishes, you’re prompted to choose a side to get a small reward for assisting that side to victory. Skirmishes aren’t only between Keves and Agnes soldiers, they could also be between soldiers and common enemies, or between two groups of enemies as well.

Lot of Features and Mechanics Aren’t Available 😩

This may not come as a surprise, but a lot of features and mechanics aren’t available right away in the game. Of course. Key mechanics like Ouroboros won’t be available until it happens in the story. But even beyond that. Mechanics like chain attacks and swapping.

Which character you’re controlling. Aren’t available in the first chapter of the game. So if there’s any particular mechanic you’re looking forward to trying. You may have to make some decent progress into the game before you can. At least until the game gives you a tutorial for it.

Awkward Voice Direction

Xenoblade Chronicles as a series is known for sometimes having some awkward direction for the voice acting. Whether it’s the delivery of specific cut scenes like Riku’s popular dialogue “that probably different Frame Riku is Popular Guy” or some repetitive battle dialogue way too soon. I can say with certainty that the series standard is here in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 as well, and though it hasn’t really taken away from the experience as a whole, for me thus far, it has been fairly noticeable at times. Some post battle dialogue gets really repetitive.

And there are some awkward moments in a few cut scenes I’ve seen thus far. I would not say it’s worse than in any of the previous games, so it’s about part of the course for the series. The lip syncing feature does work nicely though, with character models mostly matching up with their lines and what’s being said, so that’s good at least.

Recharging Character Arts in Battle

We already knew from promotional material for the game that Xenoblade Chronicles 3 seems to be a fusion, but she wanted to. And that goes as far as the battle mechanics as well. In terms of recharging character arts in battle, we’ve seen that characters from Keves use a cool down timer, while characters from Agnes recharge from Auto attacking. The thing is, it’s not based on characters, though, it’s the classes themselves. So when you unlock class changing, and Noah takes on Mio’s Zephyr class, for example, his arts will now be recharged by Auto attacking.

This is important to note, and you’ll need to keep in mind when changing characters and classes, especially when you need to strategize around using those arts.

Heroic Mechanics

Finally, let’s talk about the Heroes. Unfortunately, we can’t show any of them here or get too detailed with specifics, but that just helps you all to avoid spoilers. So we’ll be running the segment from the Direct year. When recruiting a Hero, one party member will automatically inherit the class for the player to try out. However, the rest of the party will need to battle alongside the Hero to build up affinity with them and earn the class for themselves, too.

The Hero system is actually really fun to play around with, and it adds another layer of strategy to battles, but it’s also just fun to get the main party to try out even more classes and play styles.


And there you have it. Over eight new details we’ve learned from Xenoblade Chronicles 3. So far, the game is shaping up to be really great and fun so far. But what do you guys think of these new details on the game?

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