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Hey Guys, So the Metropolitan Tour is in Mario Kart Tour. So, like last time, I thought we’d sit down and do a quick sort of review of the tour. Click here and Read it if you haven’t read Mario Kart Tour’s Bangkok Tour review. So this tour added Berlin Byways 1 and Amsterdam Drift 1. It’s been a while since we had multiple new courses added at the same time.

I know there may be new entries in existing courses. I had Berlin Byways 2 and exclusively 2 for like a year. So finally getting Berlin Byways 1 is really nice. Also, it’s a fun course, to be honest. A lot of the city courses in general have been pretty good, but something about Berlin Byways, is really satisfying to play.

And that also goes for Amsterdam Drift 2, which is one of the only tour original courses, if not the only tour original course, that actually makes a significant use of underwater. It actually kind of reminds me of Piranha Plant Slide with all the warp pipes blowing different currents out of you and makes me wonder if we’ll see that here in Tour soon. Anyway, beyond these fun new courses, we also got Chef Rosalina. And I already said in the last tour review how excited for this alt I was. I got her pretty quickly, so I’m pretty happy about that.

That being said, her special item is a giant banana, which is pretty decent. I wouldn’t say it’s incredible, but it is a pretty good item. It’s too early to say, though, how she’ll do with the character since she doesn’t really have that many favourite courses yet. So she could appear frequently in Rank Cups or she might rarely appear. Hard to say at the moment.

All of her favourite courses are city courses, so we’ll find that out, I suppose, or at least get a decent idea of it. But Chef Rosalina is fun. I’m personally a big fan of the design item aside, and I’m happy I got her Lederhosen Luigi is also back and while he himself isn’t new, he did have a new spotlight letter with him, the pretzel, and I had to make sure I got this. I love this pretzel.

It’s so charming. It’s a lot of fun. Anyway, moving on from the new content, let’s go into the Rank Cups. As usual, since I’m playing at a higher rank, these are difficult, but it was easy to score a lot of points on these courses, which made them a lot of fun. The first Ranked Cup of the week, I managed to place third and I was pretty satisfied with one of my scores.

I got to say the current Rank Cup, or rather the 8th Rank Cup, which again at the time of recording, is still going. I’m doing pretty well then too. I’m 8 currently, but I think I’ll be able to keep top 5. At least I know I can’t take first place. That first place player has some very good numbers.

Anyway, another feature of this tour was the two player challenge coming back in this tour. And that’s always really fun to have.

It is a great way to get a lot of event tokens, and if you miss out on at this time, if you notice it back in the future during another tour, definitely make use of it. You will be able to easily empty out, like, the entire event token shop and probably use that pipe a lot, too, because you can get a lot of event tokens really quickly that way. Overall, I like the story better than the previous one, and I would give it a like, a lot. The new Rosalina is great. The new courses are fun to play.

It’s surprising we got two of them and they’re both great. And I found myself playing a lot more this tour than the last few combined. I just felt more invested overall. Now talking a little bit about the Bangkok Tour, new Daisy that looks so cool, and I love the design for it. And if you haven’t read Gaming Raja review on Bangkok Tour then click on this link and read it.

Bangkok Tour is incredible. Some of the tight, like, market space roads that we’ve seen of it our great. If you play it than it’s going to be pretty fun. And the Chain Chomp MII costume looks pretty silly.

I am actually more interested in the Mii costume and Petey Piranha. Overall, though, the Bangkok Tour is pretty fun, and you will find out when you play it. And with that, that will wrap up this quick Mario Kart tour review for the Metropolitan Tour, as well as a quick little look ahead.

But if you’ve been playing this tour, what did you think? Did you have any particular good luck with any courses or the rank cups or even good pulls out of the pipe? Let us know down below. And be sure to stay with Gaming Raja for more reviews like this. Thank You.

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