Is Bangkok Tour of Mario Kart Tour Game Any Good – Review

Hey Guys, your Gaming Raja is here with Mario Kart tour’s Bangkok Tour. Well, I am doing Mario Kart Tour’s Bangkok Tour review now because I just finished the Bangkok tour. So, as usual, I thought we’d take a few minutes to reflect on the tour and see exactly how it was. So this tour, being the Bangkok tour, introduced a brand new course, Bangkok Rush.

So we finally have yet another city course. Given that this was the second part of the Metropolitan tour, having a new city course wasn’t a surprise at all. And Bangkok Rush is definitely a neat track. I love the different path options, whether you’re performing tricks off of boats or going up on the awnings or deciding between the upper and lower paths for the final section. The ink piranha plants are also some pretty fun obstacles.

I’m kind of surprised it took this long to have them in Mario Kart. I mean, they literally function like a blueberry up to hit you or the oil slick if you spin out on it. And that’s actually a pretty neat touch. I think having those as obstacles in future Mario Kart courses is pretty likely. Maybe not too common, of course, but like the warmth in the previous tour, I hope they come back.

Daisy got the Coinbox

Generally, I am just excited to see Bangkok Rush eventually make its way into Mario Kart Deluxe, probably. I think it will look really pretty and it should be really nice. And somatically I think Bangkok Rush is a really strong track too. It’s also more interesting than some of the earlier city courses we’ve had in terms of new characters. We got Daisy in the tie dress, and of course she’s got the coinbox.

So Daisy finally has a coin box special item, which is great. And between this outfit already looking great and such a good special item, I definitely had to get her. She’s great. I really like the salt. I’m happy.

Some Special Items

I got it. She also debuted with the tuck tuck cart and the red and gold umbrella, which are also both pretty neat. Thematically, it’s pretty fun and I love how well designed these are. For week two of the tour, the spotlights were the return of Sunshine Mario and Vacation Luigi. And it is great to have them back because these are such great alt.

I love Sunshine Mario. And this gave me an opportunity to attempt to get Vacation Luigi again. Unfortunately, I did not. Most of my assets the store went towards trying to get Daisy, so I did not want to overspend my assets ahead of what the next door is. But anyway, having Sunshine Mario on Vacation Luigi come back is pretty great.

Mii Racing Suits

And the tropical truck that day, you’d hear is also a pretty fun looking vehicle, I got to say. I kind of wish I got it finally in terms of characters, carts, gliders, etc. And we also got the chain shop, mii costume, which is still pretty silly, I got to say. And it’s neat to see. I’m loving these different unique mii racing suits, but at the same time, it really makes me miss the chain chomp item from Mario Kart Double Dash.

There were some other fun things to happen, this tour being the second part of the Metropolitan Fest, including just a bunch of great rewards. I mean, there was the ten pipe of various gold carts available from the beginning, which is awesome. Definitely pulled on that. I got all those and just great to have, honestly. And then the token shop had three gold pipes to fire.

Sure, getting your tokens this tour was a little more tedious by needing to take out your opponents to get them rather than just collecting them on the field or something. But giving your players three guaranteed gold pipes on top of the one that you get at the end of the tour is still very nice. It definitely felt a bit celebratory and that’s what they’re going for here. These multi tour fest are generally pretty good after my own gameplay.

Let’s talk about the Rank cups.

They were difficult this time, Bangkok Rush and it’s many variations, at least for me, not the easiest to keep a combo going on. So I definitely had to have some good luck with coinbox items and do my best in general. Plus, many other players in my ranks cup had better options than I do. For the first ranked Cup, I managed to place fourth, so I didn’t write down not as high as I would have liked, but that was the best I was able to do there. And for this week currently, as of recording, I am hanging in there.

I am in fifth place at the moment, but I’m probably going to need to put in some extra work before the end of the night to not get bumped down. I do not want to rank them, but overall the Bangkok Tour, I liked it a lot. It was pretty solid, honestly. The new Daisy Alt with a coin box is great. Having the returning Sunshine Mario and Vacation Luigi is also a great sign.

They both also have some really good items on top of just being really great alt. Bangkok Rush is another interesting city course that is really fun to play. And I don’t want to say puts the early courses to shame, but definitely feels more designed than some of the earliest ones. So it’s another interesting one and that’s a plus in my book. And also the rewards and the general structure of this tour were just pretty nice and they kept me engaged the whole time.

The Piranha Plant Tour

The Piranha Plant Tour, because Petty Piranha is finally, 19 years later, coming back to Mario Kart and I could not be more excited for this. We’ve got Petey Piranha. We’ve got his piranha pipes, cart from Double Dash and this really cool looking piranha plant glider. I’m very excited for these.

3DS Piranha Plants Slide is also on the way as the course, and I really look forward to seeing what the reverse version of the track looks like. As well as the trick versions, it seems to follow more of the Mario Kart seven iteration of this track rather than the redesigning got for Mario Kart eight. But I think that’s fine. It kind of keeps the classic Mario feel rather than the realistic one. In that case.

3DS Piranha MII Costume

Also the 3DS Piranha Mii costume. It looks ridiculous, and it might be the first Mii costume in a while that I pick up, but we’ll see. The Piranha Plant Tour should overall be a pretty fun one, and I’m very much looking forward to that, and I’m sure you’ll get my impressions on that one soon enough as well. But anyway, that’ll wrap up this quick review on the Bangkok Tour in Mario Kart Tour. Overall, this was a good one, but what did you guys think?

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