Bayonetta 3 Release Date, Plot, Characters, Secrets and More

It’s been eight years, but the Witch is finally back with a new game. Bayonetta 3 is coming out this 28 October 2022 and we can’t wait to get our hands on it, partially because the game looks into play and also because we want to know what the heck is going on. The latest trailer gave us some juicy details on the story and gameplay elements, but not enough for us to know everything, which honestly is the making of a good trailer, one that tells you just enough to get you excited, and the latest Bayonetta 3 trailer achieved that. However, there’s a lot more we want to know, like who Viola is, where did the enemies come from and just how many versions of Bayonetta will there be? Well, it’s time to bust out the whole analysis machine to see what we can find out, starting with its setting.

Where is Bayonetta 3 set?

It’s unclear when Bayonetta 3 takes place, but we do know where it’s set. The trailer opens up with a shot of New York City and something tells me the Statue of Liberty is going to lose its head. Call it a hunch, either that or it’s going to be scooped up in a flood day after tomorrow’s style, because the opening shot cuts away to Bayonetta fighting enemies on a yacht in what appears to be a flooded Manhattan. The only other city we’ve seen in the game so far is Tokyo, which is also seen later in the trailer, as inferred by the signs written in Japanese. The press release mentions the mountains of China as another setting, which can probably be seen in gameplay with the new character Viola.

Truth be told, it can be hard to tell which areas are which due to the fantastical nature of the Bayonetta series. At first, this area looks like Chinese mountains until you notice the floating islands behind Viola. However, there’s also shots with what look like traditional Chinese architecture. Japanese and Chinese architecture are quite similar though, so it could be either. But back to the flooded city, as I’m willing to bet this isn’t Tokyo, as inferred by the buildings that look distinctively like ones in Manhattan.

This isn’t the first time Bayonetta sustained battle in the Big Apple either, as the beginning of Bayonetta 2 was set there as well. Perhaps bayonetta 3 also begins there. It appears as though as the yacht level looks like a smaller area where new players learn the basics of combat, similar to the beginning of Bayonetta 2, where she starts on a fighter aircraft on the highway to the danger zone. And judging by the chairs in floral decor, it looks like these enemies crashed a wedding. If that’s not enough evidence to prove that this is the beginning, bayonetta responds to the enemies by saying more new faces I see, implying that this is the first time she’s seeing them.


But what are these new green foes in bayonetta 3 ?

According to the press release and narration from Viola, they’re called the homonculi. Neither angel nor demon. These are man made bioweapons wreaking havoc on the planet. The name Homunculi is also significant, as pointed out on Twitter by Super Metal Days. Homunculi and homunculus are Latin words for little humans, and it refers to the medieval concept of artificially created humans made using forms of alchemy.

In fact, another game made by Platinum Astral Chain, has a series of boss battles called Homoculus, so they’re treading some pretty familiar territory here. Honestly, it’s shocking to think that these Homoculae are manmade because they look very otherworldly. These giant ships in particular look like something that would have come out of Pere dizo. It’s likely that whoever created the Homoculi took inspiration from the angels and demons, especially if they’re powerful enough to level entire cities and, as Viola puts it, wipe out worlds in all of reality. In fact, she seems to know a lot more about the Homoculae than anyone else.

Bayonetta asks her what she expects them to do about it, and she says to find a scientist named Sigurd who can help them out. We soon see. Jean, enter a facility where she asks someone if they know Viola as she sent her to find him. This man in the pod must be Stickered, and he may be an important figurehead in the Homoculia’s creation. Bayonetta Three’s story is taking more of a science fiction route, especially with the inclusion of the Multiverse.


The scientist even says that they’re looking for a way to the Alphabete, whatever that may be. The multiverse is so hot right now, and it looks like it’ll play a huge part. In Bayonetta 3, Rodan mentions that if someone is wiping those universes out one by one, they’ll get their hands on enough power to wipe out the whole trinity in a snap. The trinity being the 3 realms paradiso, Inferno, and the human world. It looks like Rodan is referring to multiple universes, which would make sense when one considers that there will be a multitude of Bayonettas.

This is confirmed by the press release as well as the trailer where two Bayonettas share a scene. The existence of a multiverse opens up a whole can of worms with fans and us. Regarding Bayonetta, with many wondering if she is the same one from the first two games.

She’s sporting a scaly outfit with dragon heads for shoulder pads. She’s also wearing the umbrella watch with the red gem. This Bayonetta variant has seen some tough battles, as she has facial scarring and an eye patch. Given that her outfit has some Chinese inspiration behind it, we’re betting that this area is set in China, but in another universe, as the variant claims to be the protector of this world. Now that we mention it, is this onrails?

Section. The Great Wall of China. It just might be. And of course, it’s an on rails section, because that’s a train, even though it’s not on any rails. What we really want to know, though, is what this device is. It looks like something created by the Lumen stages, though that remains uncertain. If we had to guess, this might be the device that transports Bayonetta to different universes.

The Infernal Demons

It just looks like that kind of thing, doesn’t it? Just because Bayonetta 3 has more Sci-Fi elements doesn’t mean it’s lost its supernatural roots. While the Angels of Paradiso are nowhere to be found, there are plenty of infernal demons Bayonetta uses at will, and they have some new looks, the first one being Old Faithful Madama Butterfly.

As Bayonetta takes on her form through a new power called Demon Masquerade, this gives her access to strong demonic attacks. The next scene shows her masquerading as another demon, which at first glance looks like something new. But we have reason to suspect this might be Gomorrah, if the giant mouth Bayonetta’s holding is anything to go by. Plus, the indicator on the bottom left looks to have Gamora highlighted, implying that this is his Demon masquerade form looks a lot different, but Bayonetta can’t always look exactly like the demons she’s masquerading. Other icons shown are Madame, a butterfly, and I guess that’s a train.

Can you just summon this train at will? Probably not, but we’ll see. Bayonetta doesn’t just masquerade as the demons. She can also control them with a new move called Demon Slave. We see her ride phantasmarne through the streets of Tokyo, and later use Madame Butterfly as a puppet for battle.

These Kaiju fights look like they’ll be primarily controlled through QuickTime events, as shown by the punching icons on the bottom. They might also be rhythm based, too. Guest Rhythm Heaven fans have something to look forward to this year. The meter on the bottom left is getting lower, too, so maybe Bayonetta only has a limited time to use Demon Slave. I also like how the bigger enemies have their health bars on top of themselves instead of on the bottom right of the screen at all times.

Makes it easier to keep track, although that’s not the case for these massive enemies, which is fine. It also appears the Homoculae aren’t going to be the only enemies, as near the end of the trailer, Bayonetta is seen about to take on a new demon. This particular one has a constellation on its chest, and let me tell you, I could not find which one it’s supposed to be. So I did what any good researcher would do I Googled it. This took me to a reddit post where someone else looked through all 88 constellations and couldn’t find anything.

One user suspected that it could be based on the Sagittarius Constellation, which is also a Bayonet as a sign as she was born on December 19, 1411. I can kind of see the resemblance, but it very much looks like a new constellation. Guess we’ll have to see if this means anything later. But to wrap up this section, the trailer ends with Bayonetta summoning an absolute unit of a demon. All I ask is that we play as it please.

New Characters Like Viola

This trailer gave us confirmation that we’ll be seeing all the characters we’ve come to expect from a Bayonetta game. Of course, there’s the titular witch herself, but Rodon is making a comeback along with Jean, Luca, and yes, even Enzo. Poor guy can’t catch a break. Wouldn’t it be surprised to see what’s getting remarried? And that was his wedding.

The homoculai crashed. More than likely, though, he’s in Manhattan during the attack, and his car is going to get messed up yet again. What’s really great to see are how much better the animations look in Bayonetta 3, as they run at a smooth 60 FPS, with the characters being more expressive than ever. It really makes the previous two games look stiff by comparison, especially when some of the cutscenes didn’t even have the characters move. Hopefully, that doesn’t return in three.

The most important character in this trailer, though, is Viola. And no, I’m not going to make a Virgil joke. I guess I just did. Anyway, we saw her teased at the end of the first gameplay trailer, and now we know she’s a witch in training, wielding a sweet katana and explosive darts. She also has a thing for cats, as indicated by her shirt and the stuffed animal hanging from her katana’s grip.

It looks a lot like cheshire the stuffed animal cereza aka young bayonetta had in the first game. Turns out this stuffed animal is also called cheshire, and it’s viola’s demon ally we talk about this a bit more in our multiverse theory. But it seems like there’s a connection between viola and cyreza, based solely on the presence of cheshire also, viola has a grappling hook. So you know her gameplay sections are going to be awesome. She also encounters luca, who recognizes her for some reason. Either they met earlier in the game or she’s from luca’s past it’s unclear.

Where her allegiances lie as she’s also seen battling jean, cutting up her bullets through witch time. To be honest though most of the bayonetta squad has fought each other. At least once so it wouldn’t be surprising to see viola team up with them. And that seems to be what’s happening here well that was pain. Bayonetta 3’s new trailer run through the analysis machine tell us did you notice anything else in the trailer do you have any theories you’d like to share let us know in the Gaming Raja blog comments.

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