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Hello Guys, GamingRaja here and welcome to my blog. In this gaming news from GamingRaja, you will get to know interesting gaming news about GTA 5, New State Mobile, Star Wars Hunter, Spider Man Remaster, Avatar Frontiers and Pandora. So you cam write in the comment section which gaming news you find interesting and surprising.

GTA 5 New Update

Rockstar Games has released a new update called The Criminal Enterprise for GTA 5. In The Criminal Enterprise, we will get to see new missions and amazing updates. The Criminal Enterprise is designed to expand the business of bikers, executives, gunrunners, club owners in GTA Online. In the game we will get to see Contact Missions in which we will work as an agent of IAA. We will get to do Operation Paper Trail in the game which has total 6 missions. In this our mission will be to invest the Duggans.

The Criminal Enterprise has new showroom floors where we can pick up a new car or take a driving test. When you play The Criminal Enterprise you will be very excited to see new vehicles, new collectibles and new modes. Along with this, you will get to see many exciting updates in the game.

New State Mobile Get A New TDM Map

A new map has come in New State Mobile named Exhibit Hall. This is a 4 vs 4 map and the team which defeats 40 players of the opposite team in the game will win. And if a player gets knockout then he will not spawn from the fixed location. The player can spawn in any of the 10 different locations on the map. Apart from this, there have been some new additions such as MP-155 Ultima Shotgun, weapon customization options and Volume 9 survival pass. Apart from this, some changes have been made in TROI Extreme modes and airdrops have been replaced with multi-drops.

Star Wars Hunter Delayed

We all know and yesterday I told you in my blog post titled Upcoming Mobile Games that Take 2 Interactive has acquired Zynga which is a Mobile Game Publisher & Developer company. Take 2 Interactive & Zynga were working on the Star Wars Hunter game and the game was about to release soon but now the game has been delayed. Star Wars Hunter was also available for early access. But this game has been delayed so that Star Wars Hunter could live up to the expectations of the gamers. Now Star Wars Hunter will be released on Android and iOS in 2023. Star Wars Hunter is an arena combat game that contains maps from Star Wars. In Star Wars Hunter game you can play as a part of Galactic Empire or Rebel Alliance.

Halo and Doom Devs Making New FPS

The developers of halo and doom are making a new FPS game using Unreal Engine 5. At present, not much information has been released regarding this, but it is being said that Ex-Bungie Developers is developing this new FPS game. According to twitter user IdleSloth84 it is going to be an AAA title. No more information yet, but yes we will definitely get to see an FPS game and maybe a battle royale mode can be added to the game.

Spiderman Remaster PC New Trailer

Spiderman Remaster which is being considered one of the best Spider-Man game is now going to release on PC. So its specs and features have been revealed in the trailer of Spiderman Remaster, which you can see in the image. It includes features like NVIDIA DLSS which boosts performance & NVIDIA DLAA which enhances image quality. And with this features like Ultrawide Display Support, Framerates have also been included. Spiderman Remaster game will be released on PC on 12 Aug 2022. On pre-registering, you will also get a lot of bonuses, so if you want to play Spiderman Remaster, then do pre-registration soon.

1971 : Indian Naval Front New Trailer Release

Indian Publisher Neosphere Interactive Studios has finally released the new trailer of its new game 1971: Indian Naval Front which was under development for many years. This game will be based on 1971 India-pakistan conflict and its new trailer looks much more amazing than the old clips. In 1971 : Indian Naval Front game you will also be able to drive Submarine, Fighter Jets, Ships, Helicopters etc. The game has a single player campaign in which you will able to do missions based on real events as well as competitive multi-player modes have also been added in this campaign. 1971 : Indian Naval Front game will be released in Q3 of 2022.

Avatar Frontiers & Pandora Delayed

There seems to be a lot of workload on Ubisoft as it has many pending titles which should have been released long back. But now Ubisoft is delaying these titles and one of them is Avatar Frontiers & Pandora. Avatar Frontiers & Pandora is a game based on the Avatar movie, which Ubisoft itself has confirmed that the game will be released between April 2023 to June 2024.

The second part of Avatar Movie will be released in December 2022 but the game has been delayed. Now we can only hope that Ubisoft will make Avatar Frontiers & Pandora an interesting and amazing game. Apart from this, another game from Ubisoft has been delayed which is yet to be announced. But according to Jason Schreier, a journalist who covers the news of the video game industry, this unannounced game is Assassin’s Creed Rift.

So Guys, this was some interesting gaming news I hope you enjoyed this. And if you are interested in gaming then you can visit my other gaming blog post.

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