5 Shocking Features Removed From GTA Games

When any new game comes in the GTA series, it is much better than its previous GTA game in terms of graphics, features and storyline. As in GTA Vice City and the subsequent GTA San Andreas, there was a difference of ground and sky. There is such a huge gap between GTA SA and GTA 4 that it is as if the time travelers themselves came and gifted GTA 4 to Rockstar Games. The gap between GTA 4 and GTA 5 is also huge.

But you will be surprised to know that Rockstar Games removes some of the features from its new GTA games, which are also very much liked by the fans of GTA. Today in GamingRaja blog we will talk about 5 shocking features which were removed from the latest GTA games by Rockstar Games.

GTA 5’s Parkour System

We all know that GTA Vice City’s parkour system is not that good and Tommy can’t climb even the smallest of walls. But the parkour system was greatly improved in the GTA San Andreas released after that and our protagonist could climb and jump comfortably on even the biggest walls. Even like in assassin creed game, CJ can easily jump from one building to another. Then in GTA 4 the Parkour System was further improved. In GTA 4, if our protagonist hangs on a building, he can move from left to right even while hanging.

But if we see in GTA 5, we can climb walls and fences, jump and even climb stairs which was not there in old GTA games. But in GTA 5 our protagonist cannot hang on any building or wall and also cannot move left to right hanging like in GTA 4. It does not seem like a big feature to see, but sometimes we feel the lack of this feature and especially when someone is playing GTA 5 for the first time.

I think Rockstar Games may not have found this feature realistic and therefore removed it and maybe Rockstar games want the main character of GTA 5 not to be a stunt man. And by the way, Franklyn, Michael and Trevor are not stunt men so it makes no sense to have parkour skills. Rockstar Games put this feature in the old GTA games but after that they would have realized that this is not a realistic feature so it would have been removed. You can tell me your opinion by commenting in the comment section below whether you want to see this feature in GTA 6 or not.

Pickup and Throw Feature Removed From GTA 5

In GTA 4 our protagonist can even pick up things lying on the road and throw them at anyone. Even in GTA 4 we can snatch a cup or cane from an NPC’s hand and beat the NPC with it. This feature was introduced in a mission of GTA 4 where we have to break the glass of a shop with a break. Even in GTA 4, our protagonist can pick up the mouse and take it with him from the cyber cafe.

I personally liked this feature very much. But now in GTA 5 we do not get to see this feature. The reason why this feature was removed is unknown. But I think Rockstar Games must have removed this feature so that no one gets inspired by the game and does such things in real life.

Cool Combat Style Removed From GTA 4 And 5

Another feature that has been removed from the latest GTA games is Combat Style. You must have seen how Tommy can do karate in GTA Vice City and in GTA San Andreas we can also go to different cities and learn proper fighting style. Like in Los Santos of GTA San Andreas we can learn boxing, in San Fierro the protagonist can learn karate and in Las Venturas we can learn kick boxing. But this cool feature was removed from both GTA 4 and 5.

In GTA San Andreas, if CJ does not eat food, then after a time CJ gets decease due to starvation. CJ could also burn his fat by cycling and swimming in San Andreas, but this feature was also removed from the latest GTA games. Yes in GTA 5 we can increase the skills of our protagonist by swimming. But we know this when we look at our character’s stats and these stats don’t even matter in GTA 5’s single player.

Two Player Can Play in Single Player Mode in GTA SA

If you have been playing GTA San Andreas for a very long time, then you must know about this feature that in GTA San Andreas, 2 players can play simultaneously that too in single player mode. Sadly this feature was not in the PC version so I didn’t get a chance to test this feature but later came to know that this feature is only in PS 2 version. After enabling this feature, another character is spawned which our friend can control. Now you think that 2 players can play in GTA SA, that too in single player mode, how amazing is it. Now you will not get to see this feature in the latest GTA games.

Now some of you must say that 2 player mode is also there in GTA Online but I think it would have been a lot of fun if this feature was in offline mode also. Because you think if this feature was there in GTA 4 and 5, then we would have been able to play gta game’s stories and missions with our friends or family members too. But if you look for this feature in GTA SA Remaster, you will not find it because now this feature has been removed from GTA SA Definitive Edition as well.

Vigilante Missions Removed From Latest GTA Games

In the old GTA games, there were Vigilante missions in which we could play the game by becoming a taxi driver, police, or paramedics. It has been completely removed from the latest GTA games. That’s why we GTA fans miss this feature a lot because when the story of the game is over, there is nothing left to do and then we used to enjoy the game by doing these Vigilante missions.

So guys, these were the 5 GTA Games Features which have been completely removed from the latest GTA games. Which of these features do you want to see in GTA 6, you can comment below. Thank You.

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